• Antest

    ANTEST develops Boundary Scan test programs on Diatem platform station

    Boundary Scan provides operational test and is used for in-system programming

    • Tests integrated circuits of UUT and interconnects between IC’s,
    • Provides higher (and more accurate) fault diagnostics,
    • Works mostly with digital components, very little analog components coverage,
    • UUT is not operated “at-speed” and is not operated as it would in “real life”

    For your electronic board, ANTEST develops :

    • Integrity Test of Boundary Scan chains components.
    • Interconnections Test of the Boundary scan chains either directly or via transparency rules (Resistors in series, Buffers,…).
    • Synchronous or asynchronous memory clusters test : SDRAM, SSRAM, SRAM, DDR2SDRAM, FIFO …
    • Components test and programming: PLD, Flash, NandFlash, Flash SPI, EEPROM SPI or I2C
    • Connectors test by loop on IO extensions cards
    • Systems test by multiples relay cards with connectors.
    • Specifics cluster test script in language TCL to test logic circuits, LCD, drivers…

    We can integrate this solution into ICT testers AGILENT 3×7x, TERADYNE SPECTRUM 88xx et GR228x and IFR4220… but also in a FCT solution or a standalone bench.
    This test method uses DCOM technology to interface test software.
    We also integrate the solution Goepel on these same testers.

    We can ensure these services :

    • Feasibility study
    • Realisation of specific test fixture
    • Program test development
    • Technical support
    • Training

    We are in partnership with TEMENTO SYSTEMSlogo_temento