• Antest

    Functional test verifies that the UUT operates as it should in “real life” and “at speed”

    • Full parametric functional test of UUT verifies the UUT will function as required (functional test virtually guarantees that a UUT that passes the test will operate as required when installed in the final product)
    • Full test coverage of all digital & analog components as well as all UUT nets
    • Fault diagnostics may be difficult depending on UUT design and availability of test connectors

    The functional test (or FVT: Functional Verification Test) solution is designed from a customer’s specification, it allow to confirm that the system (Device Under test) does what it is expected to do. ANTEST provides custom solutions to meet all your functional test requirements, including:

    • PCBA Functional Verification Test »
    • Sub-Assembly Functional Verification Test »
    • Final Assembly Functional Verification Test »
    • Test Software Development & Support

    Functional test … Ours solutions in partnership with :

    • Specifics functional test bench and fixture

    ANTEST develop functional test solution in different configuration according to your assembly line and productivity: manual fixture, semi-automatic, handler, universal, cabinet, faradized for RF application.

    • Our solutions are based on rack instrumentation as PXI, VXI, LXI, GPIB or PC acquisition cards (GPIB, LAN, PCI, USB).
    • Development of specific boards (used for the solution) and wiring diagrams.
    • Test program development, debug and validation… our team of expert test software developers use leading software as CVI and LabView.

    • Know-how and Competence

    • We provide solutions that range from DC to RF and that include switching, fixturing, and Instrumentation enclosures.
    • Our Instrumentation systems are fully documented and supported throughout the lifetime of your Instrumentation needs.
    • Product tested for car industry (CAN, LIN, K Line), military industry, general public industry, RF product (GSM, ZIGBEE, WIFI …)

    • Software

    Software development of test with LabWindows/CVI ©, LabView © Switch Executive the whole which can be sequence by TestSTAND.

    • We adapt us according to your wishes :

    • Development in agreement with your test specification,
    • Delivery time respect,
    • Test program development with LabWindows/CVI, LabView, Delphi,…