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    The complexity of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has increased dramatically with the use of surface-mount technology. The manufacture of double-sided boards densely packed with very fine pitch devices is complex, as is the identification of faults on these boards. Traditional and efficient approaches to the test of assembled boards have relied on making physical contact with testpoints on the board surface. In-Circuit Test (ICT) allows the manufacturer to verify the operation and electrical connection of discrete devices soldered on the PCB, allowing faults to be located and rectified quickly. ICT usually requires the manufacture of a test fixture specific to the PCB. The advantages of in situ test are a very high test coverage rate, a precise diagnosis and a speed of test adapted to strong volumes of production.

    We provide you rich and customisable offers on our testers :



    In Circuit Test … Our solutions :

    Customer must provide information/materials for test fixture development :

    • Requested Information for Providing Quotes :
      • CAD files in a Fabmaster compatible format (ASCII)
      • Schematic
      • Bill of materials
      • Specification test report

      If some of these previous element is missing then we need :

      • List of any special considerations for test
      • Gerbers
      • Assembly Drawing
      • Test Requirements (if available)
      • Test Point Location (topside, bottom side or both)
      • Testpoint Coverage Report (optional but beneficial for accuracy of quote)
      • Testpoint sizes (larger targets are more accurate and cost less to make contact)
      • Panelized or Individual boards? (if panelized how many boards per panel)
    • Required Information/materials for test fixture development and fabrication.
      This information is in addition to the information provided for quoting and must be the current revision.

      • Updated documentation that was provided for quote if applicable
      • Unpopulated PCB (quantity 1)
      • Known Good Sample PCBAs for test fixture/program validation (3 minimum)

    Test EXPERT pour bandeau autre prestation

    With different CAD & GERBER tools, we are able to ensure : Analysis and Processing of the different existing CAD data (FAZ, PAD, PCAD, MENTOR, CADENCE…): TestExpert FABMASTER – TECHNOMATIX UNICAM or TERADYNE D2B.

    • Test fixture: design specification for manufacturing, realization management and debug.
    • Documents generation.
    • Automatic generation of the program
    • Generation of component model: writing and developing of component test point, and functional test.
    • Test program development and checking functional test development,
    • A dynamic Integration of Boundary SCAN test with Diatem solution of TEMENTO SYSTEM on ours In Situ testers (Basic Scan, Victory…).
    • Specific program development with LabWindows CVI, Visual Studio, Labview (DLL…)
    • Test program optimization: test coverage rate, repeatability, time cycle test.
    • International delivery and installation