• Antest

    We also carry out other benefits:

    • Design for Test (aka « Design for Testability » or « DFT ») is a name for design techniques that add certain testability features to a microelectronic hardware product design. The premise of the added features is that they make it easier to develop and apply manufacturing tests for the designed hardware. … in-situ to obtain the best possible test coverage (TEST EXPERT).
    • Predictive analysis of test coverage
    • Authorized Training Center (Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training)
    • Programs transfers between different ICT test platform
    • Technical assistance, upgrading program (… on customer site or duplication)
    • Rent a tester on our site (with or without technical assistance for your development and production)
    • Electronics board supply for the test solution (relay, multiplexer, frequency divider…)